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Here we are to give you the best! We ordered a set a couple of weeks ago and they were here in no time. Everybody I'm sure will do this different. The improvements will come over time as time allows.

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Notice the header clearance on the passenger side. Also what did you do for brackets? Keep an eye on you steering shaft clearance as you work this. This requires a bump steer kit to offset the new angle going to the spindle.

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It is my goal to help others out there who may be considering or are in the process of doing it as well. Making the tranny crossmember. The final plate install will be one of the last things to do. Thank you for your forum and the advice of contributors. Everybody's setup will be different, so there's no measurements that I can give you.

Hope that helps a bit, goodluck. Any idea what kind of numbers require running a mid? Last install the distributor.

Now it's time to decide how you want to trim it up for the finished job. Put something flat between the jack and the pans so you don't crush them. Ive never Dunn a ford to Chevy swap before. Bolt them up snug without gaskets because they will be coming back off.

Next move the motor until you have room to install the steering shaft. Chances are you will not be exactly centered. If you want to leave your motor on the hoist and bolt up the trans under the car, or put it in as a unit, quick player for windows 7 it's up to you.

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You should now have an intersecting point in the two lower hand corners. With your measurement from the frame to the reference point on the plate, take that measurement and measure on the actual plate down the same length. You will not crush the pans, they are much stronger than that. Will probably have to bite the bullet on headers this time. This level will effect your header, distributor and steering shaft clearance you setup during the motor plate install.

The clearance in the floorpan will effect the motor angle because the header which is bolted to the head won't allow it to tilt forward. This was fairly easy to do with a floor jack under the oil pan and one under the trans pan.

The style racing pan I'm using sits low, so I used all the extra room it gave me. This my second small block mustang project. Did u have any other problems putting it in? If your off, you can always trim it back to get the fit you need to get it to bolt on. Need help with stock parts.

This time Im thinking twin turbo. The fit on these was near perfect with only a slight modification to the floor pan which will be talked about later. You will also need to do a build-up in the center of the cross member to get the back of the tranny at the same level you set the motor plate up with. The cross member will be the biggest fabricating part on the whole swap. You will need to measure and cut to length.

You can either cut a small section of this out, or live with the clearance issues. If you don't mind could you e-mail me.

The track at Lufkin is an awesome track. You should be able to bolt it to the front of the motor while resting it on the top of the frame rails. Bolt up your new plate and move on to the tranny mount. Also keep in mind when you make the brackets that the x-member has to sit low enough that you can run your exhaust between it and the floorpan. The page starts from the bottom.

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Needless to say I wasn't going to throw that kind of money for them so I had another idea. Again, locate a common reference point between the plate and motor and measure from that reference point on the motor to the inside of the frame rail.

Now you can do some fine tuning with side to side movement or upwards if you shim between the frame and the plate. There is one on each side and they're tach welded on. Do both side as they will be different somewhat. There are some basic fabricating skills required. If your going to install a manual rack, now would be the time.

So here's an alternative for anyone building a mild motor. You will also need the headers and steering shaft at time of the front plate install since their clearances revolve around where you will set the plate.


If there is any other suggestions please do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The stock trans cross member worked with no problems. There is a kit on ebay for an f body i think i can make work.

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When real progess is made I will follow up with more of the Mouse in a Fox House. What off the shelf headers are the easiest to use.

The finished position will revolve around where the motor wants to sit for best header and distributor clearance. Once I figure out how to post pics I'll send some out.

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