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That's the X-Men - they stand in for every minority group ever. His other books have other straw opponents, who exist solely to make ineffectual trouble. His first Punisher maxi-series featured a trio of copycat vigilantes with similar methods to the titular antihero. Everything is told from the judge's perspective, making the desert people look like strawmen.

His mixed-voice and muddled campaign had gone down in flames. This initially seems to be the case in the Science Fiction novel, Virtually Eliminated where the main villain is a serial killer with a very conservative outlook. Despite having extensive personal experience with spirits. They also will be all Strawman Conservatives - and the more vocally they are opposed to the titular group of superpowered sociopaths, the more Straw they get.

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Characterization veered from side to side depending on who was doing the main plotting, until Skeates finally left the book over how Dove was being made into a wimp. The opponent, however, is portrayed as a pretty standard strawman conservative who sits around with his cronies smoking cigars and plotting evil. But my countrymen know that one day we will recover all of that, and in time more, much more. Her expectations and their posters bring up the typical nut-job concepts, but it's really just a small group of folk worried justly about The Fair Folk.

He spends the movie making bad decisions and going against the advice of the military, following typical right-wing accusations that liberals are soft on defense. The cannibals include renegade black soldiers and gangbangers and Evangelical Christians. It's so over the top many atheists find the films more funny than offensive, and enjoy mocking them for their idiocy.

Luthor was a third party candidate in the comic books as well. President Stone of the Astro Boy movie takes every single strawman conservative stereotype, and pushes them beyond their natural extremes. The sequel is much the same thing.

Being a staunch socialist, Upton Sinclair's books are chock full of capitalist straw men. Any accidental racism, sexism, etc. Do you think democracy is the solution for poor countries like Mexico?

Finally, characters literally made of straw are Scary Scarecrows. Less common, but still present on rare occasions, are religious folk shown opposing the extremist fringe. Both of them kill babies, but like the rest of the movie their portrayal is pretty tongue-in-cheek. If the strawman actually makes a good point that the author didn't intend it's a case of Strawman Has a Point. What he's against is seeming even more ridiculous in the eyes of the American public, especially his supporters.

In one of the novels, Picard's Number Two tries to reason with the admiral, asking him to keep an open mind about Picard. He wanted to dissolve legal and regulated prostitution and strike out all legal and tax benefits for cohabitating couples. Heaven help you so to speak if you're a Latter Day Saint. And had fallen hard on his face. The first four chapters that are written from his perspective are there to show how one-sided his opinions are.

Patterson presents evidence that Heinlein considered the political and moral viewpoints of Stranger in a Strange Land and Starship Troopers to be identical. Several major arcs featured a Reverend Stryker becoming a major threat to the X-Men. However much he'd rebounded financially via lectures, books, and consults, Eve imagined he still bore the burns of that failure. To add insult to injury, he turns out to be a Hollywood Atheist who is bitter about his mom dying. No no no, we Americans also like dictatorships like yours.

The only difference is they swapped out the restaurant chain's homophobic leanings for a hatred of mutants. One would have to dig deep to find a John Ringo work that doesn't have one of these, usually of the liberal variety.

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All other ideals can only stand in the way of the true freedom that comes about under the rule of a benevolent Objectivist dictator. Perhaps most notable would be John Stewart's debut issue.

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Ironically, this mainly came to the fore when Ditko was working with Steve Skeates, married and dating personals the more liberal co-creator of the duo. The judge decides that this tradition is disgusting and detrimental to women and orders the desert people to return all faces to women under threat of punishment. Sawyer has these in some of his works. This tactic is also sometimes used in AstroTurf campaigns.

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If there's one thing that The Cell should be applauded for besides its visuals, it's the fact that it utterly averts this trope. He and the majority of the politicians in the book President included are corrupt straw liberals. The film ends with him getting hit by a car and converting as he dies. Thankfully, soon after that storyline ended, he was Put on a Bus and has not been seen since.

They also give him a heartbreaking story to justify this, which helps. He preached about the sanctity of marriage, as long as it was heterosexual, but disavowed the government stipend for professional mothers. Gates from Legion of Super-Heroes is an interesting example. Anti-mutant discrimination is often played to echo historic discrimination against Blacks in America.

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More dangerous than letting them all die of plague, it appears. Then, it turns into a subversion when the hero ends up agreeing with a lot of the villain's beliefs but not with the crimes said villain has committed for the sake of those beliefs. Kirk spends the movie essentially telling him to chill out. The Falcon was usually used to explore issues like classism and racism, but Captain America rarely came off as badly as Hal Jordan did.

The Mercy Thompson series has coherent and dangerous hate groups spring up every time a new supernatural species leaves the masquerade. Christian is bummed out that Christmas is getting too materialistic. He even develops a strong dislike for William Shakespeare after watching Macbeth and deciding that Shakespeare's message that ambition is bad is just plain wrong. In fact, at many times in the past the conservatives were the ones who were antiwar. Stargazer novels is a staunch conservative.

Often he proves his arguments by having a character argue down a Strawman Political. Payback as an idiot who was inadvertently killing innocent people such as a Latina cleaning woman he'd accidentally shot due to his poor planning and general stupidity. Almost every writer since Ditko has portrayed Hawk as a thoughtlessly belligerent borderline berserker, with the rational, thoughtful Dove providing the only rational check on his action. Later taken to extremes when Hawk murdered Dove and became a brutal militaristic dictator. One of these scenes is a stereotypical Straw Feminist in huge glasses on a soapbox claiming that Communist countries want peace and are all-around great countries.

They will also be ugly and not bathe. His strawman routine on organized sports is particularly weird. Some writers that handled the character seemed to think that any conservative leaning, at all, constituted being a wacko extremist. The villain is over the top and filled with hatred towards the perfectly decent Christian lead.

Michael Bay is well known for his support of the American military, to the point where he films jets and tanks the same way he films Megan Fox straddling a motorcycle. Don't worry, they are equal opportunity offenders. Public Enemies avoids this by making Luthor a third-party independent. Part of what got Galileo in trouble was that he put the Pope's words in Simplicio's mouth. Edge of Apocalypse written in part by Tim Lahaye, co-author of Left Behind features a senator who is actually named Straworth.

Motherhood, the gospel according to Skinner stated, was a God-given duty, and payment in its own right. Banks in The Culture series portrays religion and traditional societies as one-dimensional and morally grotesque, in a way only an anarchist could.

While most of his appearances involve making fun of extreme beliefs in one way or another, writers have consistently treated him as a sympathetic three-dimensional character. Strawmen can be found in all manner of classical literature.

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