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With the evolution of font files and new methods for making sure each letter connects properly, script fonts have become more popular than ever. Neo Sans has become somewhat of a touchstone for sans-serif typefaces with curved corners. Choosing the right typography can help to tell your brand story and amplify the impact of your logo whenever and wherever people see it. Rather than looking like a stencil, it almost looks more like an artistic puzzle, with contrast and perceived texture.

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This typeface is a great example of classic typeface styles entering the realm of digital typography. In that respect, it displays creativity and personality.

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Consider this font if your company relates to health, gardening or storytelling, or seeks a robust yet playful aesthetic. It decreases the intensity of the font and creates a friendlier energy. Consider this logo font for fashion industries that are pushing the extremes on the runway!

Foco is unique because reintroduces the legibility that was lost in s digital experimentation. They created many versions of Didot, one of which is used in the Giorgio Armani logo. Enter your email to get the ebook, along with creative tips, trends, resources and the occasional promo which you can opt-out of anytime. This is a classic slab serif face, which means that the serifs are unbracketed and of similar weight to the balance of each character.

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Brandon Grotesque stands apart from other sans-serifs with its low x-height, a characteristic that gives the typeface a certain compactness and warmth. Horizon takes inspiration from the typography used in the original Star Trek series. No font list would be complete without a stencil typeface, and Revista is an exceptional example. Sackers Gothic is one of those fonts that feels so human you have to love it. Where Rufina departs, however, is in the placement of the character breaks.

With a keen eye, you can find the perfect typographic match for your brand. The result is cute, fresh and healthy, online poker no or sign up which may be why it became part of the branding for the London marathon.

Consider this font if you want your logo to feel loud yet retain a refined and elegant side. Veronika Burian also one of the collaborators on the font Foco is truly worth highlighting for her work on Tondo, one of the early fonts to take rounded corners to an extreme. Script logo fonts are both formal and casual typefaces that have the loops and flourishes of script handwriting. Bauhaus, and its many iterations, are reinterpretations of the forgotten font Universal.

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While Baltica fits the criteria for a slab serif, it looks very similar to a simple sans-serif. Didot works best when used simply, with careful kerning and high contrast colors. This makes Neue Swift a great choice for wordy logos! Have these logo fonts inspired you to get a new logo? Consider this logo font if your business might exist alongside a hip flower shop, an artisanal ice cream maker or a cool silkscreen shop.

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The unusual, geometric letterforms project an optimistic modernism. Consider this logo font if your business is heavily connected with social media or is going for a hip internet presence. Before Didot became known as a typeface, it was the name of a family composed of French printers, punch cutters and publishers in the late s. There are several types of fonts to chose from, and each one tells a different brand story. Everything comes full circle.

Based on broad spectrum of typography styles, a bridge between those extremes was welcome. The strokes are all the same weight and evenly geometric, yet somehow wacky in their swooping curves and slivers of negative space. Garamond is more of an umbrella term for typefaces than a single typeface. Extra attention was given to modifying each character to appropriately occupy equal space.

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The typeface is crafted for legibility at small sizes or at a distance. Giambattista Bodoni took that experiment to an extreme, creating this dramatic font. Consider this font for logos which need a font that reaches the extremes of thin and thick stroke widths. It has resonated through time in famous logos like Vogue and Calvin Klein, and is a great font to consider for mainstream fashion brands.

Script typefaces eluded digital capability for decades. This typeface is whimsical and friendly as a result of the swoops and curls in each letterform.

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Some of you may recognize it from the Comedy Central branding. Steak is a quirky cursive font that speaks to the handmade artisan aesthetic. Consider this font as another alternative to Helvetica. But the wrong font could spell trouble.

Consider this font if you own an art gallery, an art-related business, or if you need to merge an artistic sensibility with a utilitarian aesthetic. This is a monospaced font, which makes it extremely legible and versatile. They can be altered and modified in a multitude of ways to give your brand a unique feel.

Consider this font for your logo which seeks to break out of the norm and into the strange! Consider this font if your logo aims to reference a well known artistic period from the past yet needs to feel modern and current simultaneously.