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Marauders, Gladiators, and the Blight Father. Scepter of Ra This scepter shoots a powerful beam as its ranged attack, but can also be thrust at zombies to to disperse nearby crowds.

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps

You start in the middle of the map, which is the main gladiator ring. Overkill Like the Overkill pickup from the original Black Ops, Overkill gives you a minigun that cuts through crowds with ease. Surveillance of an international arms smuggling operation has uncovered this shipping hub on a remote, uncharted island off the coast of Colombia. Chakrams of Vengeance A pair of chakrams, one for melee and another for throwing.

So far, we have only managed to find the Voyage of Despair Pack-a-Punch machine. You can watch us take on the undead hordes in the Voyage of Despair gameplay video above. Hammer of Valhalla Send zombies flying with each swing of this melee weapon. Path of Sorrows This katana will slice through packs of undead up close, making it particularly useful for getting through narrow areas like the walkway on Blood of the Dead.

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This pickup spawns periodically along a pathway, wifiway 1.0 encouraging you to explore as much of the map as possible if you want to beat your teammates score. Call of Duty is one of the biggest video game series around. These work much like Elixirs except that they grant their buffs and are thus consumed automatically at the start of a round.

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Altar of Blood Nazi Zombies Map.

An anti-government protest in this quaint coastal Spanish town grew out of control and forced a military shutdown. However, you've only got five minutes, so you'll need to be quick. Rebels in a small Moroccan village are using government military supply planes as target practice as they fly over the surrounding Sahara Desert.

There are various types of maps throughout the Call of Duty series, spanning across multiple setting and environments around the world. Maps are the battlefields where the player battle enemy players in multiplayer modes.

Operation Husky War Mode Map. Cold War surveillance is at its peak above the clouds in the mountaintop listening post in the Ural Mountains. Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? There are four Special Weapons in the Chaos story and four in the Aether story. These are incredibly powerful weapons that you can use throughout the match based on a cooldown and can be upgraded a couple of times throughout the match, unlocking new abilities.

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Rush features a new type of pickup that increases you score multiplier. We've also given you the teams that fight on the map in question to help you out. Both sets of Zombies characters can be unlocked as character skins in Blackout, while The Shadowman can also be unlocked in battle royale, provided you have the Black Ops Pass. Mount Olympus Nazi Zombies Map.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 zombies maps

There are also a number items you can build on this map, so look out for parts to a shield and various traps as you fight to survive. We also have information on some of the new gameplay mechanics like Special Weapons, perk statues, and Elixirs for anybody feeling boggled by the amount of customisation options available. For more quizzes, check out our previous brain-teasers below. Prologue Nazi Zombies Prologue. These will allow players to change hundreds of variables covering everything from overall difficulty to zombie speed.

You will then be able to save your Custom Mutations and upload them for others to play. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Talismans can also be made in the Laboratory but are much rarer than Elixirs. This map will feature the classic Primis crew who find themselves trapped in purgatory.

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Can You Name All 20 Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Maps - GameSpot

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps

The throwable chakram will go through multiple rows of zombies before returning to you, making it highly effective at dealing with big crowds or clearing space in front you you. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Operation Supercharge War Mode Map. After a few rounds you should be able to unlock two of the four gates surrounding the arena, which will open up pathways both above and below the map.

Our favourite Custom Mutation involves locking every door in the map to see how long your squad can survive in the first room. Click the images to enlarge. These are great fun to play with friends, but also allow you to test of different weapons and abilities without worrying about wasting points or throwing a round.

Street battles rage in head-to-head heat through the center of a run-down Panama neighborhood. The heat is on as Cold War forces collide in the sweltering depths of the Vietnam jungle.

Hostile covert ops on a manufacturing facility of a powerful North American military defense contractor means someone may have stolen the keys to the castle. Treyarch will be hosting their own Custom Mutations as community events, so it seems like there will be no end of challenges and events to play through post-launch. Bodega Cervantes Nazi Zombies Map. Viper and Dragon The Dragon is a powerful pistol that can eliminate targets at range, while the Viper deals massive slash attacks to groups of undead.

Operation Arcane War Mode Map. Anti-government extremists backed covertly by a Russian cell are stockpiling weaponry in a remote region of Alaskan wilderness near the Bearing Strait. You have an infinite supply of green Elixirs, while the more powerful and situational types can be brewed in the Laboratory menu.