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Elucidating human phosphatase-substrate networks beauty, phosphatase Substrate Set from

Phosphatase Substrate Set from

The database includes links to kinases and chemical modulators of phosphatase activity and contains a sequence similarity search function for identifying related proteins in other species. Analysis of three-dimensional substrate recognition by protein phosphatases revealed preferred domains in the substrates. Western blot visualized by fluorescence. For fluorescence detection, nitrocellulose is recommended due to the intrinsic fluorescence of nylon.

Phosphatases are crucially involved in cellular processes by dephosphorylating cellular components. Chemiluminescent detection was captured by exposure to film. This strategy is general and is outlined in Fig. Maximum fluorescent emission occurs at nm.

Western blot visualized by chemiluminescence. The excitation maximum is at nm, but other wavelengths nm and nm also excite. Using peroxidase, exposure times are somewhat shorter and sensitivities are slightly less than those for alkaline phosphatase. Fluorescence can be recorded with a digital imaging system or a conventional camera months after chemiluminescence has faded.

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Elucidating human phosphatase-substrate networks. By collating protein and nonprotein substrates and integrating colocalization and coexpression data, dating scene in colorado springs we generated a human phosphatase-substrate network. We describe a structure-based classification scheme for all active human phosphatases that reveals previously unrecognized relationships between them. Both nitrocellulose or nylon membranes can be used.

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