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This beautiful New York City timelapse is simply stunning. Dirt and metal shards into the air Car explosion side view.

Sheep grazing in the mountain. Feel free to upload the same clip in different formats, if you'd like.

Huge smoke clouds after explosion Christmas red gradient sparkle glitter explosion dust particles background with bokeh flowing movement, holiday happy new year. Fiery explosion isolated on black background. Matthew Pessoni, Mustache Power Productions. Glass Falling and exploding.

Quite tricky, but it was a great chance to test out my circular polarizer. Color Burst - colorful magenta pink cyan smoke explosion fluid gas ink particles Super slow motion of coloured powder explosion isolated on black background. Realistic smoke puff fills the screen in slow motion. Beautiful girl stunt runs across the field through the explosions and fire Color Burst - colorful smoke explosion fluid particles alpha matte. Stunt girl in a fiery explosion.

You may use these video clips free of charge, in both personal and commercial productions. Public kissing was greatly frowned upon during the uptight Victorian era, when this scene was produced in Thomas Edison's new glass-topped studio in New York City. Rescuers clear the ruins of the building and search for survivors after the explosion Fluid particles explosion. Blue White Color Burst - Multiple colorful smoke explosions fluid alpha matte. Another customer article and movie.

Video footage Explosion of magic crystals on blue background Beautiful animation of the explosion process of pyrotechnic products and the release of a large amount of flame. Cg animation of color powder explosion on black background.

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The music is clear and in the public domain. Beautiful girl stunt runs across the field through the explosions and fire Grenade explosion in the forest. Big fireball flaming on black background. Orange Explosions Black Background. Beachfront Productions Member.

Log in Lost your password? Explosion of blue powder on black background. Red brickwall destruction or explosion with visible blast wave. Let your imagination run away with you.

Blue and Indigo Ink Flows. Other composites, similar to this one, could be in copyright.

Social Media For recent updates and news follow our social media feeds. With more and more regulations now in place, there will be less and less amazing cityscape aerials out there. How can this clip fit into your anti-war project? Liquid explosion into one splash and fly into camera. The glistening of the bridge, buildings, and cars are perfectly reflected in the river below.

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The closest-to-raw footage can be found in the bigger quicktime files, compass app for blackberry the ones which include city names in the file names. Anything you download is yours to keep and use forever.


You would be shocked at the sliver of sky this footage actually catches. The site was declared a National Historic Landmark to discourage relic seekers and salvage operations. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, fps Blur Explosion. There are many other videos in the archive that you can use in your own movies.

All Photos Illustrations Videos Audio. We'd like to thank you for visiting our blog by offering you a Subscription to VideoBlocks. The watercolor explosion in water. Wheel Explosion In Burning Car.

This footage is from my personal collection. Fireworks from paints isolated on black background with nice trails. The fireball was big enough to cover most of Manhattan Island. Please help identify the streets and locations. This scene scared audiences so badly that, according to some old timers I talked to, there was a sharp increase in sales of replacement theater seats.

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Background process plate produced for an unidentified feature film, shot from an automobile driving through Bunker Hill and downtown Los Angeles. Orange paint splash explosion. Beautiful city aerial footage like this is hard to come by.

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Fills like an explosion cloud. Please don't try to just sell this footage as stock footage. Videvo offers free stock videos and motion graphics for use in any project. Storyblocks Video is a diamond in the pile of stock footage libraries out there.

Ink in water on white background. Fireball burning on darkness and going up. Elephant trunks are strong enough to lift pounds and delicate enough to pick a single flower.

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