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This means you can download whole movies and video albums into your phones. Positive and energetic, happy summer dance music track for your original projects.

Charming, upbeat and motivational background music, includes acoustic piano, ukulele, drums, and claps. Comedy music often lampoons serious musical performers, copying musical ideas, lyrics or the peculiar style of an artist or genre.

Funny Music

An energetic funny music with hip-hop and dubstep elements. Great for any halloween projects and animations with Dracula, skeletons, witch, frankenstein, ghosts, monsters, zombies, vampires, pumpkin, bat, Transylvania castle, gremlins, and more. Suitable for Jamaica style music background, Bob Marley kind of soundscape, tropical island and sunny beach, relaxed summer party and more.

Great for a beach party, lounge zones, tropical bars, and sunny walk. Great for projects related to creepy and nasty dark magic projects. Humorous music is a well-respected genre of popular music, illustrated by the fact that musical comedy works can be considered for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. Happy and optimistic pop-folk track with ukulele, hand clapping, piano, acoustic guitar and drums.

Funny and comical track, great for comedy and humor scenes. Royalty free Funny music Summer Beats. Get all the new funny stuff emailed each day. Great for casual games, skyrim dawnguard xbox 360 and funny videos.

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Funny playful joyful background music track. Perfect for video projects related to sports, fun, action, happiness, and joy. Positive and playful electronic pop music, full of fun. Musicals like the Rocky Horror Picture Show often include humorous elements as well, popularising funny songs beyond the success of the musical itself. The best case scenario would be if you could just integrate the video playing feature in a device you already carry with you wherever you go, your mobile phone.


Share your funny audio clips with us and your friends as well. An upbeat fun time rockabilly instrumental, A good time feel. Playful and funny track featuring pizzicato strings, xylophone, harp and woodwinds.

Through history, the ways we relax have changed and evolved. Featuring the acoustic guitar, whistling, glockenspiel, flute, piano, organ, handclaps, drums and bass. Walla Walla From Cantina Creatures. An upbeat good time country instrumental with plenty of bounce.

This is quirky and fancy retro music with funky-jazzy mood and Las Vegas atmosphere. Featuring a marimba, piano and bongos. Pizzicato strings, vibraphone and percussion combine for measured arrangement suggested to underscore scenes depicting mystery, detective comedy, spy theme, intrigue and crime in progress. Laurent Voulzy Dernier Baiser.

Good for funny, comedy, cartoons, humor scenes, parody, drunken or fail videos. Ideal for videos, presentations, podcasts, vlogs and voice-overs.

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The main riff is performed on distorted ukulele with a slide. Great for French and Italian kitchen, funny comedy jazz scenes, cooking shows, happy background music for restaurant or food store. Happy Sun is super happy, uplifting, corporate motivational royalty free track. Used guitars, brass, clavi, jazz organ, bass, drums and vinyl scratches.

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Can be used anywhere as a music background for funny commercials, mobile apps, games and short films. When spice girls change sexs. Great for comedies, cartoons and games.

Featuring upbeat ukulele, bright bells, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, piano melody, whistling sound and body percussion. Main instruments are acoustic bass, piano, banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and drums. Exciting and uplifting fast rock track with an upbeat, energetic and happy feel. There are many activities available to you while you are at home, with television and the internet being the most popular pass times of today.

Features theremin, harpsichord, pizzicato strings, vibraphone, organ, choir, halloween cartoon sounds, drums and more. Reading books has been an age-old tradition and favorite pass time which has evolved with the coming of time and most of the reading is now done online. Great for funny scenes, cartoons, humor scenes, and comical films. This is a positive and optimistic cool reggae music. Main instruments are big band jazz orchestra, piano, guitar and drums.

Slightly mysterious and with a sense of humor. Click Save and wait a few seconds. Makes you think about cowboys, saloons and truckers, countryside fun, outdoor activities, barbeque food, fishing, hiking, etc. An infectious, funky, and uplifting disco dance track influenced by Daft Punk that builds energy.

Sweet and colorful tropical track with a bright and joyful feel. Tutorials for Music Morpher. Record sounds, add effects, change pitch and timbre, save, cut, paste the expected sound wave, and do much more things with these audio clip maker tools. Ultra-cool corporate and funky music track, perfect for your business projects!

Sometimes we are not at home and we need entertainment. Humor is frequently created by over-the-top lyrics which mock the seriousness of other musical artists or styles of music. This is a spy and detective style music, full of groove and smoothness. Good for all media needing a happy good time country sound.

This is perfect background loop for computer casual games. An uplifting sunny pop track featuring electric guitar, sax, brass, glockenspiel, whistling, hand clapping, stomping, and cheerful mood. Great for funny scenes, cartoons, humor scenes, and comical films and more. Energetic and happy punk-rock track for teen-oriented projects, featuring electric guitars, bass guitar, synth and drums.