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Is there a Google Drive client available? Has anybody encountered such problem?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Because Google Talk wouldn't work, I uninstalled the Talk Plugin to see if that changed anything, but no cigar. Grive is open source, you can look for yourself.

Make sure you enable pop-ups, since the video call appears in a pop-up window. Some have proposed that deleting and re-adding the account works, but this is definitly overkill. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Try removing cheese if it is instaled. Read the installation instructions.

Chromium vs Chrome

What can I do to help fix it as I couldn't find a Google bug tracker for the plugin? This has prevented me from logging into gtalk via empathy. It was kind of pointless though because when I clicked on the google docs icon, all it did was direct me to the google docs webpage.

Email Required, but never shown. The Google Talk web app and Android app will always update themselves with all messages sent from all clients and I was wondering if Empathy can be configured to do this. Installing Chrome fixes the issue for me!

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How do I uninstall the plugin in Ubuntu? Webcam image has weird colors and lines over the picture Does anyone has a clue why the Logitech E camera stream is displayed in some kind of distored or tinted image in GoogleTalk chat? How to make my microphone unmuted on startup? He is using the Gmail web interface, I - Pidgin.

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Google Hangout Client - video not available I am new to ubuntu. Google talk video not working Ok yesterday I tried google talk video for the first time.

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It says wrong archtecture when I try to install the plugin. Easy ways to switch to Ubuntu. Hi, I finally managed to install this but now it takes forever and a day to get to my email.

You can tell the difference between Chrome and Chromium because of the application icons. If it makes you feel better, google-talk has never ever worked for me. Is there anything we should know about the project to bring the right people from our side?

How to receive texts in Ubuntu desktop I would like to receive and send texts on Ubuntu desktop. Then, install Gdebi from Ubuntu Software Center. Not only it is possible, but with relatively high security. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

Can empathy be configured to stay updated will a full conversation? My sound for the speakers works great. The help page indicates that this may be due to missing plugins.

Installation guide If you need some help installing Ubuntu, please check out our step-by-step guide. When I choose to go online, I'm asked to give is-admin canonical. So im not sure if it is even worth your time.

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When I was on my google drive account, it prompted me to install google drive. How to run gtalk app with wine? Is there anyway to use Google Talk, able game sites for pc with my Google Apps account?

No difference still says it is not installed. Do you have sector-specific requirements? No problem with Skype though. Please download the voice plugin to make a call. There is no grive-tools package in that respiratory.

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How would you like to make use of Ubuntu? How do I receive incoming Google Voice calls using Empathy? No popup about the call was shown. Canonical certifies, secures and enables enterprise open source on Ubuntu. Now I am unable to open the software center.

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