Ipod Touch Unlocker Weebly

And I hope that makes sense. Will she ever have to use a pass code again? Because I know if a restore is done it will wipe out find my iphone.

If iTunes updates the firmware, it can take awhile and will interfere with the password erasing process. How can you unfreeze a regular ipod?

Read this first

Just take your time and the process I describe will work. The iTunes program needs to be closed, not just the window. For some reason, while iTunes is downloading the latest firmware it will reset the iPod back to the password or disabled screen.

Please provide more information and I will try to help. Wow like the other people said sometimes it takes a couple times but i got it unlocked and am using it again.

Do not touch the iPod until it is completely done restoring. It took me a few tries, but I finally got my ipod touch back.

Make sure network settings are correct and your network connection is active. Unfortunately, the thief could break the password on the iTouch and use it.

This iTouch unlocking process only takes a few minutes. It is hard to describe, but that should work. You will need to close iTunes while keeping the iPod plugged into the computer.

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You should see a screen asking you to enter the passcode. Go back to the first step and read the instructions carefully. Then you will see the screen in iTunes where you can click to restore the device. You might not even need to do this process. Do not push any of the buttons.

Solved How to Unlock iPod Touch without Password/Passcode

IPad - News and guide to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone iPod and iPad

At this point, your iTouch should be plugged into the computer and iTunes should be closed. If you use the following steps, you will lose all information that is currently stored on the device.

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Does it ask for the password when you turn on the iPod Touch? Try to go through this process again since the newer firmware version should already be loaded somewhere in your iTunes. Bharath Please be more specific. Then click Cancel and close iTunes. Easy instructions, great advice!

How to Unlock an iPod Touch Without the Password for Free

Solved How to Unlock iPod Touch without Password/Passcode

If that happens, just start from the beginning of this tutorial and it should be easy to do since iTunes will already have the latest firmware installed. When you plug it into the computer, iTunes should automatically open.

Just hold the buttons down. After you click the Restore button in iTunes, leave the i Pod plugged into the computer until it is done restoring. Also, be sure you have iTunes installed on your computer before you try to reset it.

Please help me with my ipod. Please share this page if it helped you unlock your iPod Touch. While the iPod is locked on this screen, plug it into your computer. Am I pretty much out of luck and my iTouch is like new to the thief? If you have the apps and games saved to your iTunes, gilli appadi podu video song you should be able to just sync them back onto the iTouch.

This article will teach you how to unlock your iPod Touch without knowing the password or passcode. You need to have iTunes installed on your computer for this to work. She has a pass code on it. How can you restore the ipod then? What do you mean your screen is broken?

If iTunes is downloading the latest software while the iPod Touch is plugged in, then the restoration process described above will fail. It worked with the steps above. Did you follow all of the steps of this tutorial in the exact order shown? If you are still having trouble, please try to provide more information and I will try to help.

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Solved How to Unlock iPod Touch without Password/Passcode

However, the instructions above will work with a disabled iPod Touch. Just make sure that the iPod touch is plugged in and iTunes is closed when you are holding down the power and home button.

Kim I believe Apple recently updated the firmware for the iPod Touches. You got that message because you need to update your version of iTunes before you download the newest iPod firmware. Is there any way I can get it past this? So basically, whomever stole it can do a restore on it regardless of a pass code?