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Store documents and data for apps that work with iCloud. Play a video in the center of the screen. Press the Home button to see apps on the Home screen.

Stop a webpage from loading Tap. You can also move messages from one mailbox or folder to another in the same account or between different accounts. Type the passkey on the keyboard as instructed, then press Return. Large Text can only be turned on or off in iPod touch settings.

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Basics Basics Using apps The high-resolution Multi-Touch screen and simple finger gestures make it easy to use iPod touch apps. When iPod touch is connected to your computer, the Books pane lets you select which items to sync. When viewing albums, tap Edit, then tap Add. When White on Black is turned on, the screen looks like a photographic negative. If you share notes with an application on your computer or with other online accounts such as Yahoo!

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You can also send a search to Wikipedia or Google to find related resources. VoiceOver VoiceOver describes aloud what appears onscreen, so you can use iPod touch without seeing it. You can view your events by day, by month, or in a list.

You can download rented movies directly to iPod touch, or transfer them from iTunes on your computer to iPod touch. Tap an arrow to move down the street.

Genius Mixes are synced automatically, unless you manually manage your music and choose which mixes you want to sync in iTunes. Of course, not all of the information you need can be found in the official manual. You're not going to find a manual for the iPod touch in the small plastic box that the device comes in. Calendar If you enter birthdays for your contacts, you can view those birthdays in Calendar.

You can also use Express Lane for personalized support not available in all areas. Subtract a number from memory. When you choose a character, its likely follow-on characters appear in the list as additional choices. Delete clocks or change their order. Open an app from Search Enter the app name, then tap to open the app directly from the search results.

Flick through open webpages or open a new page. Scientific calculator Rotate iPod touch to landscape orientation to display the scientific calculator. Change the speaking volume Use the volume buttons on iPod touch, or add volume to the rotor and swipe up and down to adjust. Page When you go to a new screen, VoiceOver plays a sound and automatically selects and speaks the first element of the screen typically, the item in the upper-left corner.

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You can also buy and rent movies, or download and play podcasts or iTunes U collections. Log in, then click Create Home Share. You can still listen to music and adjust the volume using the buttons on the side of iPod touch. Tap a character to choose it, or continue typing up to five components to see more options. Rearranging icons You can change the location of icons on the Home screen, change the items in the Dock, and group items in folders.

If a sync is in progress, first drag the slider on iPod touch to cancel. You can also turn some features on or off in iTunes when iPod touch is connected to your computer. Replacing The Battery If iPod touch is extremely low on power, the display may be blank for up to two minutes before one of the low-battery images appears. To keep redundant contacts from appearing in the All Contacts list, contacts from different accounts that have the same name are linked and displayed as a single unified contact.

Use another app while recording Press the Home button and open an app. Tap next to a video to see buttons for adding the video to a list. Use the front camera to talk face-to-face, or the main camera to share what you see around you. You can also press the center button on the iPod touch earphones. Double-clicking the Home button also displays audio playback controls when the screen is locked.

You can also connect iPod touch to your computer to sync music, videos, and other information with iTunes. If an address for the location is specified, for example, tap it to open Maps. International Keyboards Adding and removing keyboards To type text in different languages on iPod touch, you use different keyboards.

Page To execute the trim, select Trim and double-tap. You can add, delete, or rename mailboxes and folders.

Change the font or type size Tap near the center of a page to display the controls, then tap. Apple also provides documentation specific to a number of different models of the iPod touch. You can move systematically from one element to the next by flicking left or right with a single finger. Flick left or right, or tap to the left or right of the row of dots.

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Apple iPod touch (4th generation User Manual

Typing Japanese Kana Use the Kana keypad to select syllables. Page Locking iPod touch turns off the display, saves your battery, and prevents unintended operation. Safari Safari Safari lets you surf the web and view webpages. After you make your purchase, tap Library, tap your recent purchase, then tap. Bluetooth iPod touch can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices such as headphones.

Security Features Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. Typing Japanese romaji Use the Romaji keyboard to type syllables. Because this product contains a battery, the product must be disposed of separately from household waste. View Genius recommendations. Settings Settings Settings lets you configure iPod touch, set app options, add accounts, and enter other preferences.

Adding events You can add and update calendar events directly on iPod touch. The software keyboard layout determines the layout of the keyboard on the iPod touch screen. White on Black Use White on Black to invert the colors on the iPod touch screen, which may make it easier to read the screen. While the iPod touch does come with a few slight pages of documentation, window media player mp4 you don't get a robust user manual in the box.

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When airplane mode is on, appears in the status bar at the top of the screen. You can also type facemarks. VoiceOver identifies each element as you touch it.

Stocks Stocks Viewing stock quotes Stocks lets you see the latest available quotes for your selected stocks, funds, and indexes. Set a day or time for a reminder Tap the reminder, then tap Remind Me. Tap near the center of a page to display the controls, then tap. Open iBooks, tap Featured, then tap Audiobooks to find and download a favorite story. If Multiplayer Games is turned on, you can continue to play with existing friends.

Airplane mode Airplane mode disables the wireless features in order to reduce potential interference with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment. Search for apps Tap Search, tap the search field and enter one or more words, then tap Search. Tap Profiles to see information about the profiles you install. Sharing Photos And Videos.

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