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Owing to its success, it was later dubbed into the Hindi and Telugu languages and released with the same title. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Meanwhile, Pechiappan arrives to a warm welcome by his brother, but later attempts suicide. When Krishnaveny realises that Vishwanathan and Madhumitha have fallen in love, she extends the family's stay in the United States and takes a liking to Vishwanathan's good nature. He decided to have Vishwanathan married to Madhumitha. Balasubrahmanyam opted out of the role.

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Ashok Amritraj Sunanda Murali Manohar. Viswanathan's drastic measures win the respect and love of Madhumitha and her family. Pechiappan impersonates his brother towards his nephews. His twin sons, Vishwanathan and Ramamoorthy, are senior medical students who help him out in the evenings alongside the restaurant's chief cook, Juno. When Nachiappan realises that Madhumitha does not have a twin, he stops the wedding.

After a day schedule in the United States, Shankar and the team returned to India to film a couple of scenes in the climax. Sekhar after playback singer S.

The film also was assisted in graphics effects created by Pentafour Company. At this point they ring in Madhumitha's alter ego, contrasting Madhumitha with a very demure, typically traditional Indian version. Sundaramba persuades Nachiappan to have them married because Madhumitha did the same thing the brothers did.

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The film features a soundtrack by A. However, with influence from the film's producer Ashok Amritraj they were able to obtain special permission to film a few scenes inside. Accordingly, Nachiappan and Pechiappan switch places. The entire production of the film took about a year and a half to be completed and released. Vishwanathan, meanwhile, discovers that Vaishnavi is Madhumitha and she was pretending to be Vaishnavi.

Vijayan handled the cinematography and editing respectively. Krishnaveny tries to solve the problem by telling Nachiappan that Madhumitha also has an identical twin, Vaishnavi.

Jeans is a Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film written and directed by S. The soundtrack of Jeans was composed by A. The Jeans invitation was printed, wrapped in denim and hand delivered by Shankar to his close colleagues and friends in Chennai, which included prominent actors in the Tamil filmdom. The prank was claimed by a Tamil journal who utilised an April Fools joke. Eventually, mp3 search and Visu and Madhu get married followed by a grand reception specially given by Madhesh.

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Rahman Films directed by S. However, Nachiappan objects to the budding romance and wants his sons to marry identical twins because he himself has an identical twin brother, Pechiappan who has slow memory. The story fabricated by Krishnaveny is that Vaishnavi has been brought up in an orthodox Brahmin household. Directorate of Film Festivals.

Enraged, he immediately leaves Madhumitha's household along with his family, but Ramamoorthy persuades his father to have Madhumitha and Vishwanathan married. Nachiappan then rescues him and comes to hear of his sad story and comes up with a plan. The other substitution in the project involved the cinematographer. Nachiappan falls for the act and visits India along with his sons to meet Vaishnavi, unaware that Vaishnavi and Madhumitha are the same person. Though between the time of the announcement and the finishing stages of the film, cinematographer Ashok Kumar was publicised as the official cinematographer for the film.

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There they figure out that the brothers impersonated each other as well to get along. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another supporting role was taken by S.

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Later at the hospital, Vishwanathan who is an intern there visits Krishnaveny's room after the operation, and notices she has been operated on the wrong side of her brain. The film's art direction is credited with both Thotta Tharani and Bala. Though not knowing, it was not his father he talked critically about his uncle who was right there impersonating.

Jeans Tamil Movie