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Lifehouse - Whatever It Takes Lyrics

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The song's music video premiered on Yahoo! Letting someone down and trying to repair a relationship that you feel is kind of slipping through your hands a bit. What specifically does the chorus sample illustrate about the song? It was about letting the tape machine roll and getting the music down spontaneously.

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When discussing the song, Wade felt that the message of the song dealt with how difficult it could be to be in a relationship. Duplication detector Copyvio detector Disambiguate links External links.

Whatever It Takes Lifehouse song has been listed as one of the Music good articles under the good article criteria. If it no longer meets these criteria, you can reassess it. It is quite a small article, but nevertheless it is fairly good. The video begins by showing Wade sitting alone on a bed, ek rishta movie song with pictures of him and his girlfriend on the wall. The video ends with Wade sitting back on the bed with his girlfriend now lying next to him.

Sometimes, you do things to disappoint the other person. The video focuses solely on lead singer, Jason Wade, as the rest of the band members do not appear in the video. If you can improve it further, please do so.

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Whatever It Takes (Lifehouse song)

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Lifehouse - Whatever It Takes Lyrics

According to the sheet music published at Musicnotes. Its lyrics shows the need to be committed and open to sustain a relationship to make things work out. The music video, directed by Frank Borin, premiered on Yahoo! It is a moderately slow pop - rock ballad that has influences of adult alternative. Near the end things begin going in reverse, and everything that had exploded is put back together.

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