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Learn about tempering and appropriate rockwell hardness for different parts of a blade before purchasing. You can be banned for a first offense. Downvoting will never be allowed on this sub.

Failure to treat your fellow users with respect can lead to a warning or ban. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? You're allowed to repost but look to your left first.

Be nice and we'll respond in kind. Include detail when posting.

Game Information

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Machete vs Ninja Sword?

If you ask us how to do it, we'll know you didn't read this. If you see a large number of posts about a character, seulong dating try someone else.

If asked, you must provide evidence for your claims or drop the argument. Posts with no details or specifications whatsoever. Text Text Text - Mouse over the black bar to see the spoiler text. Their weapon functionality is secondary. Always admit it up front if you're unfamiliar with a character.

Your machete was made from high carbon steel, which is a steel better suited to tool use and functional weapons making. All posts must be flaired. Copy-pasta, Circlejerk or Meme derivative posts. Battle-ready is a marketing term and not indicative of any attributes the sword may possess.

Check out our Official Submission Template for a few suggestions on how you can structure your battle with additional conditions and formatting to make it more interesting. The penalty for breaking the rules of this sub, contributing to spam, trolling, or purposefully making things more difficult for the mods may include being banned.

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The machete especially those cheap ones you buy at the hardware store are a fantastic tool for cutting undergrowth. Post Rules Overly broad, vague or opinion-reliant posts. Characteristics should mimic those of professionally made weapons. We issue warnings if we believe the user means well but we are not obligated to do so.

Any posts that do not promote evidence-based debate. Admit when you don't know.