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Ja Tenu Chad is the heart touching Punjabi Sad song. However, you even realize what makes you mad.

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You can have this best Punjabi sad song on your playlists. Your mood changes with the Best Punjabi sad songs. Yaar Mod Do Composed by the combined efforts of Guru Randhawa and Millind Gaba, becoming batman this song is one of the latest songs to hit the Punjabi sad song category.

Why to cheat to your love. Not all the sad song makes you cry. In some situation, you find that destiny is testing you. Chithi is the best Punjabi Song by Amar Arshi.

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As they have some special place in their heart. Somehow, love changes the person. Somehow, the message is good or bad news. You should give respect to your moms. Even, it is difficult to face painful situation.

Download the latest Snaptube application on your Android now and enjoy unlimited access to a huge collection of movies and music. It is not easy for anyone to live alone. You all know that love makes you mad. As this song is about how to live your loved once. As this is a selfless feeling.

There is not a single site on the internet that can completely satisfy your desire of having all the media and music right under your thumb. As letter can be happy note or a sad note. Punjabi sad song is a new trend in the country and are adored by fans due to their sentimental value.

You have to face your memories even it is happy or sad. As, this song tells you about how the supportive person. This is the super hit Punjabi Sad song. Have you ever seen a lost lover?

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What happens when destiny does not want your union? The lyrics of this popular number were written by Kumaar and the music was given by Gaurov Roshin.

However, you are in pain when your lover is sad. However, this song makes a place in your heart. Sad Punjabi songs are now very popular among the Indian crowd.

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Amrinder Gill with the help of his sad song tries to realize loss of love. Every song on this list is a great number and totally deserves to be on your playlist too. As a person cheated in love, do not want to live.

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What he finds to get rid of the mad memories? It also has a video associated with it, which is also quite emotional. His songs need no introduction. However, the melody of these Punjabi sad songs has made me there fan. It became trending in a short time after its release and was played repeatedly on many music channels.

Parmish tries to emphasis on the unforgettable person. However, this waiting situation can be long. It is an extremely thoughtful track, depicting the sentimental feelings of a person in love. When you are sad, you want to hear sad songs.

Therefore, this makes you sad. However, the lost of someone leaves you heartbroken. However, the time has changed. You need to live your live.

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You can get this best Punjabi Sad Song. Person is stuck in some problems. So now, you should be thankful to your mom. Aaja Sajna is plea of lover to bring back his love. All the songs in my list are close to my heart.

You may have seen the condition of person fallen in love. What you feel if a letter comes for you? Soon this supportive person realises that he or she has used by someone.

To avoid this regretful situation be truthful. However, good memories make you happy. Further, it is the end of life for that person.

The track really proved to be a super hit and still remains as one of the top numbers. Guru Randawa has done justice with this best Punjabi Sad Song.

This song is the best Punjabi Sad song. Hashar is one of the best Punjabi sad songs.

The song speaks about emotions of people who are in love and will surely ignite the passion in you too. This song is a part of the album Jatts in Golmaal and was sung by Shahid Mallya. Yaad is one of the best Punjabi sad songs. It has pure feeling as it free from any bias.

The track starts off being a bit funny but turns out to be an emotional number with thoughtful lyrics. Tears are not a solution to any problem.

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