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Online dating response rate by race, want to add to the discussion?

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Want to add to the discussion?

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Everyone else felt pretty decided about their opinions on the matter. Queerness does not give whites a pass to be openly racist. Clearly, most people think this is a no-brainer.

Additionally, Asian, Latino, and white women all respond more frequently to white men. Maybe these guys are just really smooth talkers.

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When it comes to racial attitudes, OkCupid users have professed to be less biased and more opposed to racism in general. The numbers blare back at us, forcing us to prosume uncomfortable cultural and identity meanings both personally and collectively.

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Data suggests these stories are not uncommon or unique. All men except Asians preferred Asian women, while all except black women preferred white men. Unfortunately the data reveal winners and losers. OkTrends also did not report data on transgender individuals. Make an impact in your community by getting involved, sharing with friends and family, and taking action today.

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You might just get a great date out of it. Namely, they tell us what we value. They expose who we are, who we want, and of course, who we don't want.

It is unclear whether OkTrends included bisexual men when calculating response rates. White Men and Asian Women Have the Highest Response Rates Racial biases are usually negative, what your dating profile picture says about you but sometimes they involve giving preferential treatment to particular types of people. And both black men and black women got the lowest response rates for their respective genders.

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OkCupid came to similar conclusions in its assessment of race and attraction. And all men, regardless of race, responded the least to black women. Although black women responded the most positively toward black men, all other races responded the least to this demographic. Black women showed the most interest in black men, while women of other races heavily preferred white men. One queer man of color I know is half-Indian and half-Italian with a common Indian name.