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Parker (2013) - English subtitles

No, there's not a lot of depth to anyone, except for perhaps Jennifer Lopez's character who makes it clear she's stuck in a dead-end life post-divorce and needs an out. Sixty years ago he would have been a major director for a studio, setting and working in the house style.

Having barely survived, Parker is found by a family of tomato farmers who take him to the hospital, where he subdues a male nurse, steals his uniform, and escapes. Leslie finds out that Parker is using a fake identity. Please enter the required information. Yes, there's character, but you figure it out from what Parker and his associates do. Classic Porn - aunt with nephew.

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Upon learning that Parker is alive, the crew uses mob connections to hire a hitman named Kroll Daniel Bernhardt. They swim back to the house, where a weak and injured Parker is waiting to ambush them. Westlake wrote for the screen himself, app to ringtones and the Parker books are nothing but action and plot.

Parker Theatrical release poster. Together, they plan to steal the jewels from Melander after he robs them from the auction. The movie has good action throughout. Their subsequent encounter makes it clear to Leslie that Claire is the woman in his life.

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Assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks to hijack the score of the crew's latest heist. What I like the most about this piece of material is that you can take a genre piece like this and turn it into a great movie. Hot Teen babysitter Fucked by Mom and Dad.

Resend confirmation email. With this, the fourth attempt to film a Parker novel, the film makers have found a practical if surprising choice for the title role. After a bloody-savage fight, Kroll stabs Parker through the hand, but ends up falling to his death from Parker's hotel balcony. They part ways, Parker showing some regret as she leaves.

Meanwhile, Kroll learns that Parker is in Palm Beach, and he attempts to kill him. She offers her local knowledge in exchange for a commission of the robbery.

Jason Statham is game as usual, but Parker is a thoroughly generic and convoluted heist movie. Six months later, Parker goes to Chicago and kills the syndicate boss who hired Kroll to kill him. And aside from all this, Stratham makes for one good badass! Hurley is worried and suggests Parker run away with her, but Parker is completely intent on revenge.

British Board of Film Classification. Fast and fancy cars, because. They credit the stranger, thinking he must have been an angel sent to test them.

All and all it's an okayish film, if you've never seen another Jason Statham flick before, but at this point it's just stupid to keep casting him in the same role, in the same film, over and over. Semi-anonymous protagonist that is just a ridiculous badass for no apparent reason - check. Melander's crew disguise themselves as delivery men. It's obvious he's not a brilliant actor, but he has a lot more to offer than what is currently being churned out. Leslie makes a pass at Parker, but he remains distant, though obviously attracted to her.

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Melander finds Parker and a fight ensues. Theatrical release poster. Private Teacher Classic Full Movie. All Professional Homemade. Here's what you're missing out on!

Jason Statham is not an actor of great oratorical powers, but he is a great physical actor, and he moves constantly like an angry tiger in a cage. Parker returns to the house to plant his guns, find their weapons and disable the firing pins. She is found and taken inside, where the crew abuse and question her, assuming she and Parker are working together. No I didn't forget the rest of the sentence - check. However, it's still a very good one and worth your attention.

Parker English Subtitles

Parker English Subtitles

The crew successfully steals the jewels. Director Taylor Hackford is not a great director, but he is a highly competent one. Forgot Username or Password? Parker, disgusted with the crew's unprofessional standards, refuses to participate in another robbery that could net them millions. Women are magnetically compelled to his junk by his mere presence - check.

Associated Newspapers Ltd. Give him a story he can work with and he will hit all the notes, efficiently and effectively, and he has done so here. Ross goes outside where he is stabbed in the neck to death by Parker. Parker tells Hurley he wants to go after the double-crossing Melander, who has gone to Palm Beach, Florida for another heist.

One year later, Leslie receives two hefty boxes in the mail containing several million dollars. And once again, his singularity of purpose rings true.

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Parker marked a departure for Hackford, who hoped to make it his first film noir. Which is partly true, but he is good as an action star and in my opinion hes a better actor than what some say. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Westlake, which spawned into a book series that included over twenty other novels.

Parker (2013) - English subtitles

He sets out for revenge on them, helped by a real-estate agent Lopez in a quest to steal what his former accomplices intend to rob at a jewelry heist. Statham, who is a former diver for the British Olympic Team, performed all of Parker's stunts in the film. Melander's other men begin to panic.

At Parker's request, she contacts Claire, who comes to stitch up his wounds. The New York Times Company. Kay Parker threesome with husband and lover. Needing his share of the Ohio loot to finance the bigger job, Melander's crew decides to shoot Parker and leave him to die alongside a road.

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Hitler Speeches with an Accurate English Subtitles. Goddess Iveta humilates slave on floor. At her workplace, Leslie is horrified when she watches a video of Kroll's death online, which was filmed by local onlookers. She narrowly escapes and goes into hiding.

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