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All of them do as far as i know You just press select on the pokemon party list. Hoenn Pokemon are present but rare. In which you may see the complete body of your pokemon? The official site doesn't say how much is complete, xpi file but I think you should be able to do everything you can in Crystal.

Pokemon - Crystal Version (V) - Gameboy Color(GBC) ROM Download

You are highly encouraged to seek out an official source, should one exist. Also, there's a move relearner in every Pokemon Center. Most emulators can play zip files directly, so you may not need to extract. Use surf on the right side of Sprout Tower and talk to the geek to buy them.


Have you tried talking to the sailor in Olivine? There might be a couple of other hacks like that, but nothing with fusion as a feature or anything. And one question, do you happen to know about other pokemon hacks that have the pokemon battle sprites of the fifth gen?

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Whether it's worth playing or not is completely up to you to decide. You have to run an errand in the Research lab of Professor. Not sure what you mean exactly but this is the latest version I could find. Is there a shiny stone to evolve togetic to togekiss because togekiss is on my team.

Pokemon - Crystal Version (V1.1)

It's the same version, just patched and ready to play. Where exactly did you hear about this? Yeah, evolutions that required trading were changed.

You can't go north to the Science Complex because it's a dead end. So there is no trade evolution. When the game starts, after the Welcome text and guidance etc, you will see a new screen. Check out the complete list here. Apparently in Dark Cave and at Mt.

Would be great for many people who have trouble with rar and ups file format. Maybe check this out- Build History. Now one of the main tasks is that you have to take them to Mr. Yo, the menu theme is the best, is there anyway I can download just that?

Pokemon Crystal Clear

Thank you, i've enjoyed it. But I did also find a post saying that the Torchic line, Deoxys, and a few others are not obtainable.

Is there anything i have to do to find lickatung or do I just keep looking. There hasn't been a release in a while.

It doesn't ask me to log in. Well, people have been able to get all the way to the Orange Islands, so hopefully that won't happen again. Just like the original version. All the complete hacks I know about are already here. So if anyone is reading this, I believe this link will always point to latest version.

It's not as polished though. Whether you choose the Boy or Girl as your main character. Yeah sometime when i know to play game and this game is no worrys abut it to update anymore! Will check and get back to you.

Not sure, but if it's the same as Crystal, see this. This hack is supposed to me a remake of Crystal. One of them is Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile.

Not sure about where in Kanto though. You'd have to request it from the creator.

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Anyone know what generation are the movesets and items like are there Eviolite, etc. Those are actually all the ones I know about. To evolve Seadra and Onix, I guess. There's a lot of things to do. Yes, I do update this site.

Click on any one of them, and proceed to download the rom. Both the answers probably have something to do with Pokemon, though.