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The longer the mountains are exposed to the elements, the more erosion there will be. The calcalkaline granites were intruded at two times. The whole process took close to years according to the redshift data.

Other dinosaurs were entombed by windstorms that built up the Mesozoic desert dune systems. Paul Anderson has done an analysis of data which shows that the main erosion patterns of mountains are basically electrical, being the same pattern as lightning, rather than by water-flow. It was different for the Appalachians.

Subsistence related to this caused deep deposits of sediments on the east and some sediment remnants in pop downs in central parts of Spain. The Iberian Basin is in the east of Spain. On the north coast of Spain occurs the Cantabrian Zone. Further offshore from this, and also off shore from the west coast of Spain is the Galicia Interior Basin.

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The Villaviciosa Formation from the Saxonian formed on an arid continent with sandstone and conglomerate. The external part of the orogeny was the Cantabrian Zone. This left the Bay of Biscay as a failed rift.

Each of these are in a syncline and are surrounded by Silurian metamorphic rocks with an inward-dipping thrust zone forming the boundary. This includes some Precambrian rocks. Rocks in this zone are mostly from Cambrian and Ordovician, with few from Silurian to Carboniferous. The Cambrian and Ordovician rocks were formed in shallow water in a subsiding trough.

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Thus, as light-speed is smoothly dropping with time, so is the rate of radioactive decay upon which radiometric dates are dependent. Second, it is established from the physics of the situation that some atomic processes, rocce clastiche yahoo dating including radiometric decay are light-speed dependent. The radiometric age is around Ma. There are volcanics and further sediments from the end of the Ediacaran and Cambrian periods. Black graptolytic shale and basic volcanic rocks overlay this.

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Then if a gas is heated or energized sufficiently so that electrons are stripped off the atoms, leaving ions and electrons, the result is a plasma. As part of the erosion processes which are usually considered, the effects of ice must be factored in as well. To the east this grades into the marine carbonates of the Picos de Europa.

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It is for this reason that carbon in the form of diamonds originate at depths of miles and then are brought to the surface at speeds of up to miles per hour by volcanic type processes. It is mostly limestone with layers of conglomerate, shale, gypsum and alkaline volcanics. In the Carboniferous it starts with a turbidite sequence containing basic volcanics.

Granite appeared with the Variscan Orogeny. The presence of Potassium felspar indicates arid conditions were prevalent at the time. Below that there is expected to be a layer where carbon will be concentrated. Of course I know the standard answer, but even a secularist would have some problems with that.