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Players can expand at their own pace, but it could prove mutually beneficial to coordinate and try to secure one of the corner areas. Will your crew pull together to survive, or will you perish beneath the waves of mutiny?

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Despite its large size, King's Cove has main bases on the smaller side, so space may be tight as the game progresses. Allies spawn together with their main bases connected by a backdoor path that they can use to reinforce each other. The narrow mountain passes can be used to ambush your enemies, but they can also prove treacherous if you are spotted.

The blocked-off gold bases serve as a backup tool for finding income. However, take note of the two destructible rocks that can be broken to open up new attack routes. You only need to watch out for frontal attacks in the early game. You and your allies have crash-landed on a hostile island.

The main bases are very open, so watch out for enemy air drops and small units lurking in the corners. Pages with hard coded colors.

The shared choke point at the front of your fortress is a bit larger than the individual ramps leading to your bases. By further browsing you consent to such use. You and your ally start in relatively safe positions with only one main pathway to your enemies and defensible expansions.

Home Game Media News Community. Wolfe Industries Compound. Everyone starts together with many safe expansions to take, so utilize the expansion locations well. By continuing your browsing after being presented with the cookie information you consent to such use. Your starting area can easily be fortified to defend a direct attack, but there are other routes your enemy could take.

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Located within the Void, Year Zero features a long rush distance between the main bases, but players can open a faster route by breaking down rocks between them. This website uses cookies. Players can take nearby expansions fairly quickly. Players start with their teammates in the same area.

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You can defend two small starting ramps that access the main base or expand early to maximize your economic advantage. The distance to your enemies is short, so be prepared to defend yourself.

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Jurassic Park Survival 1.0

Breaking rocks help climbing high ground. This map allows you to change your stances by choosing different bases to take.

Scout, attack, and flank well or become another buried treasure lost within the cove. This should help players more easily get acquainted with all the new items coming in next season. Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites.

Jurassic Park Survival 1.0

If you have any feedback to share or bugs to report, please contact Daniel at arkstarcs gmail. Be ready when push comes to shove, because the rush distance on this map is very short.

Destroying rocks on the top and bottom of the map opens new routes to late-game bases, so beware of sneak attacks. Your starting locations are well-defended, but additional pathways to your base can be opened as the game progresses. With the pocket gold expansions and a straightforward expansion layout, macro games are likely to take place. One player will start separated from the rest of the team, but they have access to more expansion locations.

The main start locations are vulnerable to air attacks if the enemy sneaks along the edges of the map. This is a large macro map, and it has a long rush distance between the main bases. Coordinate with your teammate to choose your early game defenses carefully.

The area in the middle encourages direct conflict in the early game, and destroying rocks creates more open passages. Rocks in key locations, such as under the central line of sight blockers, make defense easier in the early game. As things progress, you will need to keep an eye on the destructible rocks to keep your bases safe. You can also reach him on Twitter Piratearcade or join his Discord channel here. Each team has a single main base, followed by a single natural expansion with a ramp to defend it.

Starcraft Mass Recall

Acropolis is a relatively small map for macro plays. Reduced minerals fields can be mined to unlock additional expansions or attack paths. Take care, as the fastest path to your opponent through this mysterious forest is narrow until the surrounding rocks are cleared. This map features a short rush distance, but the most direct path through the center is difficult to navigate. Players can move through the middle to get to the enemy's base or take the alternate routes along the sides of the map.

Overview Ladder Maps Tournament Maps. These maps are currently available for testing under the Custom tab, so feel free to jump in and start practicing strategies before the new season begins! Your starting location is well-protected and has a good number of resources, rock album but cooperation with your allies is necessary to secure the additional resources you'll need to be victorious. The northern Watch Tower will also be a key strategic location early in the game. Two players should defend the single wide entrance.

Emerald City is a large macro map for two teams. Naturals have two chokes, splitting rush paths and expansion patterns.

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