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The dwarf adores the drum-major. Syaoran desperately seeks this out from his friends in Shatterheart due to his clone's betrayal of the group, it is very hard to come by. Shinji wants to be loved by his father, and is constantly seeking paternal approval. They just have that much faith and love in each other.

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In the novels, there is also the hot-headed, driven Luke with the snarky, calm Millina in this case, this is All Love Is Unrequited. Death and healing, dark and light, introvert and extrovert. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings.

They end up becoming close friends and later start dating. This is distinct from sexuality - platonic Courtly Love is also eros. Her sole motivation is winning Johnny's love. Throughout the sequel, their differences coupled with Mushu trying to break them up nearly ruin their engagement, but they manage to find the balance necessary to make it work. On the few occasions that they have sex it's very uncomfortable for them, but they're very much Platonic Life-Partners and have fun making robots and going to parties and playing gateway.

Note - there is no such thing as one-sided philia. The trope is deconstructed by showing the realistic challenges of a marriage between two people with such great differences. The third movie makes it clear that Homura's love is truly unconditional. Frozen has the laidback and introverted Kristoff with the energetic and sociable Anna.

On some level, he also seems to approach Marceline because of the Storge relationship they shared before he lost his sanity. Maggie DuBois - militant women's libber. Although it may not seem like it, we have quite a bit in common.

Take your pick at this with practically any good character in One Piece. Plus she's a believer and he's atheist. Ben and Lacey in Paper Towns. Over time, he starts to move on and tries to find love elsewhere. And Homura has this for Madoka, having vowed to save her from the fate of a magical girl no matter what.

Not for the benefits he might bring into the life of the person that loves him. Especially Homura towards Madoka. Hudson is a Parental Substitute and John is, in a way, like a brother to Sherlock, and vice versa.

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Agape builds the soul, fosters emotional health and self-confidence. The same could be said for the intertwining relationships between Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table. Believe it or not, they're not just dating, but incredibly happy together.

The Warblers immediately call the police and start looking for them. Although struggling with problems, especially between Stanford and Stanley in the past, these only made their storge between all four members stronger. No one loves the light like the blind man.

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It isn't clear what other than sex. Carly towards Freddie, although that could end up in eros in the future. He's a super-intelligent, rude jerkass with non-existent social skills. Carly and Spencer Shay, sister and brother.

In order to watch the bird in its flight. Brainy ambitious women regularly find P. The idea that just having eros love for one of her friends doesn't diminish the phileo love for her other friends is a recurring theme.

Yashim and Palewski in the Yashim Series. Since there's nothing to really suggest that Maka is in love with Crona, and the fact that a hug from Medusa is what sparked their tirade, the implication is that they viewed Maka in this way. Many plots involve him trying to achieve a Philia relationship with Finn and Jake, as well.

The parody version of Fierstein had a variant of this as his Catch-Phrase. Stein and Marie definitely fit this trope. While not explicitly stated or shown, seductive cat failbook dating the entire cast of Soul Eater could be said to have this. Ox tears out his hair he tore out part of his soul to break the hold Arachne had over Kim.

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Despite the fact that Crona betrayed Shibusen, all Maka wants is to know that Crona is safe. Despite not seeming like it, my heart beats fast around you. He says that he wants to be loved for himself.

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He's an arrogant, eccentric self-proclaimed villain who thinks he's the center of the universe and she's a sensitive, insecure and modest Nice Girl. They frequently save one another from certain death. Percy is a powerhouse in battle, while Annabeth uses her intellect and magical relics. In the end, she got a Cupid. Treasure Planet has Captain Amelia and Dr.