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But doing pirouettes on the way up, while shooting fire skywards out of the central stack exhausts is just plain crazy. The rubber-shredding ride also includes a stop off with the National Guard, doughnuts around a helicopter that's about to take off and a chicane through some maintenance trucks. We take it to a tunnel underneath the Atlantic.

Sitting low and wide, it looks just about perfect, and like nothing else that's been used in a Gymkhana video before. Production for the new project is chronicled in the Amazon Prime original series The Gymkhana Files, which premiered in November.

Ken Block drifting through San Francisco

Ken Block and the Hoonigan team have to up the ante with every new installment of their viral Gymkhana drift video series. That man Ken Block has another Gymkhana video out today. As with every other Gymkhana video, there are a ton of impossibly well-executed drifts, close calls, and weird stunts, how to ringtones for iphone 5 all caught on video for us to enjoy.

It's easily the best Gymkhana yet. Yes, that Pikes Peak, the one that runs up the side of a mountain, much of it above the tree line, with few guardrails and thousand-foot drops off the side. Several bends leave Block just inches from the edge and he even brushes the mountain railings to keep you on the edge of your seat. Body panels are made from carbon fibre, it's all-wheel drive and the two giant turbochargers that are strapped onto the engine can be seen poking through the bonnet. Anyone else excited for this?

It looks incredible popping out through the hood flanked by two turbochargers. These London Concours cars are pretty special Take a look at our preview of the cars gunning for best-in-show.

Gymkhana 10 Is a Greatest-Hits Mashup of Tire-Shredding Madness

Jonathan lives and works in Washington, D. The nine minutes of pure motoring joy are likely stitched together moments from Block's best bits rather than a proper attempt at the Pikes Peak record. No matter which of Block's cars you're into, you won't be disappointed. Gitlin Jonathan is the automotive editor at Ars Technica, covering all things car-related.

That being said, Gymkhana is more than just tire smoke, hydraulic hand brakes, and brilliant viral marketing. The rest of the Hoonicorn is also decidedly not standard-issue. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

It's truly the biggest, most action-packed Gymkhana video yet. Block doesn't pull off Gymkhana Ten alone. The tenth iteration of the video series is a mash-up of Block's greatest hits, bringing in five of his tire-slaying machines and traveling to five different locations around the world.

Ford Hikes the Price of Mustang Bullitt. And that massive engine sends power to an all-wheel drive system that has more in common with the rallycross car that Block competes in than any other Mustang.

This time around, Gymkhana isn't just focused on one car and one location. Pikes Peak, for the uninitiated, is an annual hill climb up a public road that scales the side of a mountain in Colorado. The Hoonigan Bonus YouTube channel uploaded a three-minute video of a smoke-filled sideways test session with Block and the Hoonitruck sans front bodywork.

They feature never-before-seen footage of action that didn't make the final cut. Driving it presents a new challenge for Block, because it's much bigger and heavier than what he typically slides around. And even if we are seeing the best of his performances stitched together, that doesn't make the drop off the side of the road any less terrifying. The body panels are carbon fiber, and underneath is a tube-frame chassis. So he decided to drill two substantial holes in the bonnet and fill them with massive turbos.

Most people would hand Ken a strait jacket at this point. Check them out right here. If anything, my respect for Block's skills behind the wheel have grown. Shots from inside the car show his feet and hands working in glorious union to keep control of the monstrous car he's driving.

Gymkhana 10 Is a Greatest-Hits Mashup of Tire-Shredding Madness

But last year, the Hoonicorn got an upgrade. How does McLaren's best track-day car compare to a proper racer?

This time, instead of drifting his way through a city or abandoned factory, he's upped the stakes. Racing sensation Block takes his tuned s Ford Mustang up the legendary Pikes Peak hillclimb - with a few added obstacles along the way. Block was inspired to build a F specifically because that's what he learned to drive in. The Ultimate Tire Slaying Tour.

Ken Block drifting through San Francisco

We, of course, don't mind because this thing looks rad. We hope the film team had a fire extinguisher or two on hand, because it looks incredibly sketchy.

An act perfectly demonstrated in the video above. So keep your eyes peeled for the full video sometime in the near future.

Now it sports a pair of turbochargers too large to be contained by the hood, and it uses methanol as a fuel. Then, instead of topping it up with petrol, he filled it with highly-explosive methanol. After all, this is entertainment, not sport, and we have the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for the latter.

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