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He left Syria with his two eldest sons. The wedding was a traditional Muslim ceremony.

Not all billionaire wives are as independently successful. She has even opened a museum of contemporary art. The fact is, many of the women listed here are accomplished in their own ways. Armed with a Princeton degree, she has also published two books and is a United Nations ambassador. At the Our Ocean Conference, Her Majesty delivered a keynote address on the link between climate change and ocean health with human security.

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The Women That Billionaires Love

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Chan got her medical degree recently and wants to be a pediatrician. It was founded and chaired by Susan until the recession forced it out of business. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Mackenzie Bezos is a novelist. She also happens to be co-owner the cricket team from her home city, the Mumbai Indians.

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The Women That Billionaires Love - Elite Choice

You will notice that these women are all in long-term relationships with their filthy rich husbands and boyfriends. These billionaire wives and girlfriends are compelled to put their best Louboutin-clad feet forward at all times.

Kennedy to head the Federal Aviation Administration. The multi-talented Susan is a terrific athlete and has even participated in the Ironman triathlons.

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American professors conduct classes involving the princess and other women students on the royal premises. She continues to work on behalf of numerous international organizations. Anne Dias Griffin is no ordinary woman, and a good match for her billionaire husband. The billionaire wives and girlfriends featured on this list are constantly under pressure to uphold their billion-dollar images. Seymour and Peter Brant did nearly separate some time ago, but they are back together again.

Wojcicki holds degrees from Stanford and Yale. She is a former supermodel who has graced Vogue and Sports Illustrated. Najeeb moved to Dallas around and fully assimilated into American society. Moreover, this princess shuns elaborate royal jewelry for simpler adornments instead. The usual impression is that billionaires essentially look for supermodels partners to serve as arm candy at big events.

Dating or marrying a billionaire will bring you all the glitz, glamour and material joys that you could ever have imagined, and even more than that. Not one to sit at home, Nita is an active fundraiser for various charitable organizations supporting disaster relief, education and the blind. Although many assumed that she would be initially regarded as a stranger to the country, dating in bad economy as an Arab-American she was considered an Arab returning home rather than a foreigner. She uses her professional expertise to do social work in Brazil.

Halaby and the king became friends while he was still mourning the death of his wife. You may have heard of the fashion label Phi. Her father, a rich and famous cancer surgeon, ensured that she lacked for nothing. Her father was a Navy experimental test pilot, an airline executive, and government official.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin The billionaire founder of Citadel found a brilliant Frenchwoman to be his partner. She soon gained power and influence by using her role as King Hussein's consort and her education in urban planning for charitable work and improvement to the country's economy. He was a Christian and had been a provincial treasurer magistrate in the Ottoman Empire.

Who is Queen Noor dating? Queen Noor boyfriend, husband